Plant-based Food Company Puts Down Roots in Ormond Beach

Blue Coast Bakery SVN Alliance Ormond Beach

The former Blue Coast Bakers plant located at 1899 N. US Highway 1 in Ormond Beach is still for sale. But there’s a new business that will be leasing a portion of its over 190,000 square feet for its manufacturing and distribution center.

Future Foods just signed a 10-year lease for a 27,000-square-foot portion of the building. They are the producer and wholesaler of Oumph! plant-based food products.

Ralph Malmros, a senior advisor with SVN Alliance Commercial Real Estate Advisors in Ormond Beach, has the listings for the sale and/or lease of the building.

Forte Frozen, a distributor of refrigerated and frozen food products, moved in about a year ago. They are currently leasing a 70,000-square-foot space.

There are still 38,000 square feet of dry space, 10,000 square feet of office as well as some baker space still available on site.